Thermo insulated panes

- high energy saving
- minimizing heat loss
- lower heating costs
Thermo insulated NOWO - GLAS panes are obtained by magnetron sputtering using many thin layers of metals and oxides (mainly silver) on the surface of the glass. The coating reflects the thermal radiation from the inside (e.g. the radiators heat) back to the center, and freely passes the solar radiation from the outside.

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SuperThermo insulated panes

- thermal energy savings of up to 60% compared with the single chamber system
- maximum saving on heating costs
- a possibility of combination with other functions
Branded double-glazed panes are one of the most energy-efficient solutions on the market. Two chambers filled with argon or krypton and low-emissivity coating provides a reduction in heat loss similar to the level of a well-insulated wall! It is a solution for the most demanding customers.

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SunStop solar control panes

- no „greenhouse effect” in the summer
- reduced costs of air conditioning
- preservation of thermal insulation values
These are panes, which are designed so as to prevent overheating of rooms in summer, while maintaining their thermal insulation values. This effect is achieved by magnetron sputtering of the glass with a suitable combination of microfilms.

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The Silent sound-proof panes

- a significant reduction of the noise level in the room,
- improvement in the quality of life for residents,
- a possibility of combination with other functions (thermal insulation, safety, sun protection).
These panes are designed to protect the houses and flats against noise from the outside. Their construction involves the use of specialized PVC film and sound-absorbing film and a the glass with the so-called high surface weight.

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Securit safety anti-burglary panes

- house security against burglary
- preserving the aesthetics of the facade
- a lower contribution for home insurance in most insurance companies
The windows, whose job is to protect your home from a burglary. They can successfully replace the bars, shutters or blinds, so the aesthetics of the facade is maintained. The construction of such panes is based on the application of respective layers of glass and foil.

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Safe Safety panes

- protection against injury in the event of glass breakage
- increased resistance to strikes
- a possibility of combination with other functions
Panes that are characterized by a protection against injury in case of breakage. Such panes in the event of breakage always remain in the window frame. They are particularly recommended for doors, partition walls large glazed areas, balconies, patios, railings or roof windows.

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Our product is a thin-walled extruded muntins system with wall thickness of 0.85 mm. The system constitutes a compromise between current muntins pressed from aluminium with wall thickness >= 1 mm and muntins formed from aluminium tape with the thickness < 0.5 mm.
This results in:
  • perfect structure stiffness – minimizing the risk of muntins vibrating inside the glazing,
  • low weight – possibility to compete with muntins systems from aluminium tape.
  • Muntins are available in three dimensions: 18x08, 26x08 or 45x08 mm.
    Powder coating in the following colours:
  • white - RAL 9010,
  • brown - RAL 8014, 8016, 8017, 8022,
  • chosen color from the RAL palette – custom-made
  • or veneered on one or two sides with Renolit wood-like foil.

  • Standard veneers:
  • oak – light, medium, gold, swamp,
  • douglas,
  • mahogany,
  • ochre.
  • Ornaments

    Our offer includes a wide range of ornaments.